I’ve been through 2 Neurologists and one Physician Assistance due to the fact I didn’t feel the “spark” with any of them.  My second Neurologist told me my pain wasn’t caused by Parkinson’s disease.  He made me feel as though it was all in my head.  I suffered in silence with pain for over a year.  Then I started hearing patients speak about it at Support meetings.   When I changed neurologist, I mentioned my pain to her.  She informed me that she could write me a prescription for pain pills, however, I didn’t want another pill.  Therefore, I just continued to suffer.  In the beginning of my diagnoses, the pain would last for days and days, however, now I don’t have the pain like I did in the beginning.  I have posted here a link on pain.  It is well addressed in this post.  Make sure you journal your pain to figure out where, when, and why.

Pain can cause anxiety, stress, and depression, therefore, make sure you speak with your doctor and get it under control with exercise and diet.

Pain – Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF).  If you like my blogs, don’t forget to comment here on this page and follow me. It would be greatly appreciated.

© Written by Mary Killian

2 thoughts on “Suffering with pain in silence

  1. In the article linked to your post, medication, as well as exercise and nutritional surrogate are all listed among several suggested remedies for pain in PD. Why do you specifically reject meds for this, while suggesting that pain can be controlled with diet and exercise.

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    1. I don’t like taking medication, especially pain pills since so many people are getting addicted to them. Pain can be controlled by exercise and diet, but I’m not saying cured by all means. Everyone is different. I just hate pills.


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