Neurologist appointment tomorrow

My yearly Neurologist appointment is tomorrow.  Below is a list of items I make sure I have when I go to any doctor’s appointment:

  • Journal
  • List of current medicines
  • Summaries, reports, and/or studies

In the journal I write the date, doctor I will be seeing, questions or concerns.  I put the initials BP and weight….these get filled in while at the appointment.

List of current medicines – it seems like this changes a lot.

I also take with me any and all studies, reports, and/or summaries from doctor visits and/or hospital for the year.  This helps any of my doctors stay on top of what is going on with me.  Believe me there is plenty.

While in the doctor’s office, my husband takes note of BP and weight.  He also puts in the journal answers to any questions and any changes in medicines.

Now time to log off and get some rest….I have to rise early for appointment.

Sweet Dreams!

© Written by Mary Killian


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