I’ve been asked to post about the importance of Medical Alert bracelets for Patients with Parkinson’s disease.

I have heard horror stories of EMS, ER, and hospital visits for PD patients, wherein, the staff was not educated about PD.  I am a volunteer for Parkinson’s Action Network and one of the things we do is visit health care providers, universities, and support groups to educate about the importance of having PD knowledge.  It is extremely important that patients receive their PD medications and are given to them on time.

I have heard instances where in police officers, hospital personnel, and others have thought a PD patient was under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or acting insane.  The treatment that the person with PD would receive would not be what they actually needed.  Therefore, things could go wrong.

National Parkinson’s Foundation (NPF) has a package called Aware in Care. The Aware in Care kit includes tools and information that will help a person with Parkinson’s and their families prepare for a hospital visit. The kit includes a Parkinson’s disease ID bracelet, a Medical Alert Card and a Hospital Action Plan booklet that provides detailed steps for getting the best care possible during a hospital stay.

You can order yours FREE today.


200 SE 1st Street
Suite 800
Miami, Florida 33131
Toll-free Helpline: 1-800-4PD-INFO (473-4636)
Fax: (305) 537-9901
E-mail inquiries: contact@parkinson.org

Best regards!

© Written by Mary Killian

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