World Parkinson’s Congress 2016

I am proud, excited, thankful, and a little nervous to able to attend the 4th World Parkinson’s Congress and in less than 4 hours, I will be flying out to Portland, Oregon.
The mission of Congress is to provide an international forum to learn about the latest scientific discoveries, medical practices, caregiver initiatives and advocacy work related to Parkinson’s disease. By bringing physicians, scientists, nurses, rehabilitation specialists, caregivers and people with Parkinson’s disease together, each Congress allows for a worldwide dialogue to help expedite the discovery of a cure and best treatment practices for this devastating disease.
First of all, I am proud that my abstract was accepted and I get to display my poster board and speak with attendees about “Positive Attitude and the PWP Patient”. It has been a long time since I have completed anything of its nature. The project was anything, but easy. It tried my knowledge of program and computer skills. I felt like I was on the edge of a heart attack or nervous breakdown, but definitely it put me on the edge of my seat. I had to find a lot of patience within myself. I heard alot of “you can do it, not only from my spouse and kids, but myself too. I had to find a lot of patience within myself to finalize the poster.  I am thankful for my friends, Rick Smith, Jr. and Neil Jeffries, for their computer program knowledge,  for Tammy Smith for tracking them down, and for Dale Mulhall of Amazing Signs and Banners for the beautiful printing of the poster.  Thanks guys, I could have not completed without you.
I am excited to be able to attend a World congress such as this with over 40oo participants. I have never been to Portland, Oregon, and see its beauty.  Excitement is in the air.
I am thankful for the travel grant; that so many of us need due to the fact our incomes have drastically been reduced and medical bills skyrocketed from this chronic progressive disease. I am thankful for the many others who attend our fundraisers to help with the many expenses that come along with the travel. I couldn’t do it without you guys.
I have to say I am a little nervous, not about flying or attending, but about illness. I am usually in the confines of my own home. I am not usually out in public, therefore not exposed to many illnesses. I am lucky to stay pretty healthy with this disease.
To learn more about this congress go to or follow along with my posts throughout the week. I will be posting about the many workshops, sessions, and talks I will be attending.

Until I blog again, so long!

Mary, the pd gal


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